Ikraam Ghoor

I'm a Full-Stack Dev


Hi, my name is Ikraam. I am an Electronic engineer and full-stack Ruby on Rails developer.

During the week, I work with the awesome Nebulab team and contribute to the best e-commerce, open-source Rails Gem, Solidus.

I've worn many hats in my career in the spaces of education and technology. Although I am a proud jack of all trades, my experiences have led me to dive into software development, where I believe I can make the most impact.

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Coming from an electronic engineering degree, I have been fortunate to have an all-rounded technological prowess and a knack for applying technology effectively in real-world scenarios. This ability was one of the most highlighted skills coming from my senior peers. The second of which was the ability to work productively with anyone in a team.

My current software forte is full-stack Ruby on Rails development with JavaScript and React on the front-end.

If you believe I will be a great fit for your team (and project), please reach out, and I will get back to you in a flash.


These are some of the projects I have built. They include HTML / (S)CSS sites, JavaScript, Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications.

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  • Ruby / Rails
  • JavaScript
  • HTML / (S)CSS
Great Shorts
A comprehensive story sharing site that is built-in RoR.
Gratitude Buddy
A Ruby Telegram bot built as a gratitude journal and reminder platform.
A social media concept for matching people who enjoy outside adventures together. Built in HTML and SCSS.
Forest RPG
An in-browser JavaScript Phaser 3 Game
A single page weather serach site uses the weatherapi.com API
Social Mate
A friendship based social media clone built in Ruby on Rails

Resume and Skills

Download Resume

Technical Skills Overview:


Ruby Rails RSpec SQL


HTML (S)CSS React JavaScript


Git Heroku Linux VS Code TDD

Partial experience with:

MATLAB Arduino-C VHDL PIC-Assembly Python

Electronics field:

Circuit-design Micro-controllers CMOS-design Solar power design


If you would like me to work on your next project with you and your team or would like to have a chat then please let me know via email, or any of the social links below: